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            she ignores the voice at first; she’s used to
            hearing someone near her get corrected on
            something stupid they’ve done. it never
            occurs to her that he’s talking to her.
            not until he’s leaned over, pointing at the 
            paper and textbook. and there comes the
            sudden surge frustration and anger.

            “and you are?”

             lydia snaps her book shut while she 
             twists in her chair. she could point out
             that her work is always perfect,but in the
             brief moment of his explanation, she had
             actually caught her error–– her eye must
             have slipped. but still she’s never been
             corrected before. not so casually. 
             so while she’s angry at herself, she’ll 
             act offended by his presence. 

      he snaps his fingers back with a bit of a fumble,
        clearing his throat and surveying the immediate
        area to give a meek smile to surrounding students, 
        the librarian. he draws out a chair, takes a seat
        beside her.

                     Doctor Spencer Reid,
                       I’m - uh - I’ll be teaching here
                       starting later this week, I 
                       was getting a feel for the school. 

        already he’s sorely reminded of high school. the only 
        difference is that he’s not twelve years old and he’s 
        teaching instead of being taught. still, young women
at the peak of their development with unstable hormones 
        are, to be frank, completely terrifying.

                      I didn’t mean to offend you,
                        I’m sorry If I did. I understand
                        the feeling. I’ve made more than
                        my fair share of mistakes reading 
                        too fast. 

only at, you know, 20,000 words per minute. many mistakes 
         can be made when not just taking in information.

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      It’s — Doctor Reid, actually… 

          he worked hard for those PhDs,
          he intends to have them recognized.
          even if he’s working undercover as a teacher.
          and this is exactly why this wasn’t his career choice.

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but the things that ruined you, loved you too 

; — slinks away to make a verses page.

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Title: When you were young
Artist: The Killers
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      I have THREE PhDs, and teaching
           is the last thing that I wanted to do with them. 

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; — I honestly expected
the criminal minds fandom
to be a lot bigger.

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       actually -  x would be equal to negative 25.3. ”

he settles a hand at the back of her chair and gestures
        to her paper, then to the textbook.

          I think what happened was while you were reading and re-writing, 
        you were going so fast that your eyes shifted to a different place when
        you glanced back at the book - and instead of reading 14.125, you read
        14.31 - which came from this line up here. 

        he points to indicate exactly which line, clears his throat. 

         it’s actually a very common issue with the type of print in these books,
        because of how close the spacing is between lines. but - uh. if the correct
        number had been 14.31, you would be correct. your work is perfect. 

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