you were asking me
if killing you would feel good


          Graham was the only fighter in his corner, the only friend
          but that wasn’t quite the right word, was it?

  No, ally was far more appropriate. Allies of circumstance, and             circumstance alone.


Uncomfortable underneath Will’s gaze, he shifted back, felt the cuffs on his wrist bite into his skin like a warning.


                                             ”—I would be grateful if you’d helped in the first place.”


                                  They weren’t friends — they weren’t even acquaintances.
                                  They just happened to be trapped in the same spider’s
                                  web. And Chilton had just found himself wound tightly
                                  within the gossamer. 

His gaze was constant, a stark contrast to his once wavering eyes. Prison had hardened him in more ways than one; he was now a man without fear.

                     Chilton saw it. His frightened eyes picked it up like a bloodhound.
                     He knew insanity, and he knew psychopaths.
                     ——     and he could see the vein of it that ran through Will Graham.

           ”I did help.” Will spoke, his voice filling the room. “This was the only way.”



                          it is not doubt that will bring your downfall. 



                                                   d e n i a l
                                                   shakiness and instability.

                                                               wrought from the liar’s tongue,

  will graham shall




                                                                            deep inside
                               Will understood the inevitable ending

                                                                          he would   f a l l
                                                                        he would   l o s e
                         and he would have the  s c a r s   to prove it

                                                    what is it, then?

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              "…you must be enjoying this.
            And not enjoying this.
            Seems an alibi is no longer suitable as proof.”

                                        “You don’t have an alibi, Frederick.
                                               That’s why you’re in handcuffs.”

Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders.

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                     This is one of my favorite blogs on Tumblr.
                     She is perfect beyond belief — always being
                     being far too kind to everyone. In fact, there is
                     something about her that I can’t even put into

                               There is no chance that I’ll ever unfollow.
                               She’s an institution, one of the core blogs
                               in the Hannibal rp fandom.

                               lookwhatthekatzdraggedin is perfect
                                                 (or as close as you can get). 

(count: 71) Will Graham icons, Hannibal.
Season two. Taken from Yakimono.
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Who don’t believe in anything?
Will he make it out alive? 

for Emily + [originals]


"I wasn’t."


"My partner said you’re Will Graham?"



                                     who’s your partner?



"Not at all, not at all. I like driving."

                                  ” —- Or we could always go to my place.
                                               I have enough fish for a dinner for two.”